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Bus overturns in deadly commercial vehicle accident

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have confirmed the death of a woman who was aboard a bus which overturned in Canada on July 13. According to the RCMP, a commercial tour bus chartered through a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, company was traveling near Neils Harbour, Nova Scotia, when the driver apparently lost control in a turn. The vehicle then hit the shoulder on the side of the road before overturning onto its side.

The RCMP says that there were 21 people aboard the chartered bus including the driver at the time of the accident. Most of the passengers were from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, area. They were part of a tour group which had gone to sightsee along the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

Food truck explosion in Pennsylvania injures 12

When most people think of truck accidents, they envision a semi-truck involved in an accident while driving down the interstate. However, truck accidents can involve a wide range of commercial vehicles and a variety of different emergencies. For example, a food truck explosion in Feltonville, Pennsylvania, injured a dozen people. Five of those victims suffered serious burn injuries.

The truck accident happened on July 1. According to witnesses, it involved a massive fireball that resulted when the truck’s propane tank exploded. The explosion was so loud and forceful that many who live in the area around Wyoming Avenue and Third Street heard or felt it while in their homes.

Motorcycle rally offers chance to discuss motorcycle accidents

A recent June 28 motorcycle rally held in Drums, Pennsylvania, helped raise money for veterans. The event is called the UNICO Motorcycle Charity Run and operates in partnership with the Keystone Wounded Warriors. UNICO is an acronym representing Unity, Neighborliness, Charity and Opportunity. The non-profit helps veterans wounded after Sept. 11, 2001 who are facing hardship of some kind. The rally, which was held last Saturday, marked the fourth year of the annual event

A spokesperson for UNICO's Hazelton, Pennsylvania, chapter says that in the past UNICO was geared on only assisting seriously ill people. He says that the organization saw that there were also some veterans who also needed help. Originally, UNICO got its start as an Italian-American service organization found in 1922. The rally normally receives about 100 biker participants and brings in roughly $4,000 in charitable proceeds each year. They are expecting similar numbers for this year's event.

Patron shot at bar raises premises liability concerns

A man is in stable condition after police say he was shot in the leg while visiting a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, bar. The 38-year-old man suffered the gunshot injury to his leg on June 16 at around 1:30 a.m. Philadelphia police say the shooting happened after a fight erupted inside the bar. Police say that is when one man pulled out a gun and fired it at the victim.

The victim was evacuated from the bar, located in a West Kensington neighborhood, and admitted to Temple University Hospital for his injuries.

Festival honors the victims of drunk driving accidents

A recent celebration held on June 14 in Newport, Pennsylvania, paid homage to victims killed by drunk drivers. Last Saturday, the Perry County Fair Grounds hosted the seventh annual SuBeLex Memorial Festival in Newport. The name of the event is the combination of letters taken from the names belonging to three victims of a drunk driving accident that occurred on Oct. 14, 2002.

The tragedy that sparked the origin of the festival involved a car accident that happened in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania, and resulted in the deaths of two victims and left another paralyzed. Following the accident, the family members of the victims and their friends organized the annual festival as a way to honor their loved ones while also bringing awareness to the problem of drunk driving.

Truck accident with actor Tracy Morgan raises safety concern

A new debate has now entered the conversation regarding commercial truck drivers operating their vehicles while exhausted. The question is who should be held accountable for truck drivers that feel compelled to drive tired in order to earn a living? A recent New Jersey truck accident that killed one person and injured three others is now getting a lot of attention due to a celebrity's involvement. Actor Tracy Morgan was inside a limo van that was struck from behind by a Walmart tractor-trailer on June 6.

Inside the limo van, one person was killed and three others seriously injured, including Morgan, after the limo van was flipped over from the truck's impact. The driver of the truck, a 24-year-old man from Georgia, was later charged with death by auto and four counts of assault while driving.

Woman receives unusual terms for her role in pedestrian accident

On June 5, a New Hanover, Pennsylvania, women received her sentence for her role in the negligent vehicular death of an elderly pedestrian. The 64-year-old former school bus driver will avoid prison time but she will be on probation for three years for misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter. Additionally, she must complete 600 hours of community service.

According to the criminal complaint, the defendant was driving her school bus in Lower Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, with five children on board, headed to school. It was around 7:08 a.m. on Sep. 9, 2013. When police say that the front bumper of the bus struck a 78-year-old Pottstown, Pennsylvania woman while she was crossing the street at Mervine and North Charlotte streets. The defendant continued on after the pedestrian accident and delivered the children to school before returning to her home. Police later discovered her there after an intense investigation. She claims that she was unaware that she had struck a person.

Motorcycle swerves to avoid car accident, sends pair to hospital

Pennsylvania State Police at Chambersburg say that a truck caused a motorcycle accident, which resulted in two people suffering serious injuries. Police say the accident occurred on May 25 in Guilford Township, Pennsylvania, on U.S. 11.

Although police have not yet identified anyone involved in the crash, it is believed that a motorcycle being driven by a man with one passenger was traveling north on Molly Pitcher Highway when a small truck pulled out in front of the motorcycle's path from where it had previously been sitting at a stop sign at Alleman Road.

Delivery truck driver sued for commercial vehicle accident

A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, woman is suing a delivery truck driver and his employers for their role in a commercial vehicle accident. Attorneys representing the woman allege that both parties are responsible for causing a chain reaction car accident with a delivery truck. The lawsuit, which was filed at the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, says that on May 9, 2012, the defendant driver engaged in negligent behavior by speeding and not having proper control of his vehicle when he slammed into a car that was stopped at a red light. The suit also alleges that the owner of the company bears some liability for the accident due to his employment of the driver.

According to the plaintiff's complaint, the force of the crash began a chain reaction of other cars smashing into each other until the impetus of the crash finally ended with a car being driven into the rear of her Honda CRV. The plaintiff and her daughter were injured. The series of collision took place on Main Street in Darby, Pennsylvania.

Sewer construction worker crushed by concrete in fatal accident

State police in Ursina, Pennsylvania, say that a 32-year-old man died after suffering injuries during a workplace accident while helping to install a sewer system in southwest Pennsylvania. The accident happened on May 6 around 2:10 p.m. in Somerset County, after the victim became pinned underneath a large concrete manhole form.

Troopers from the Somerset barracks responded to the tiny borough, which is roughly 50 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They say that the victim's co-workers attempted to save their fallen colleague by using a crane to lift the heavy concrete object off of him, while others performed CPR until paramedics arrived. Unfortunately, their efforts failed and the victim died approximately 90 minutes after the accident.

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