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Pennsylvanian dies of car accident injuries suffered 50 years ago

Injuries caused by car accidents can be devastating enough to change a person's life. However, a Pennsylvania case demonstrates just how life-changing and ultimately life-ending, such injuries can be. A man who was injured by a car 50 years ago when he was a child was still undergoing treatment as the result of his injuries when he died from them on Aug. 24.

The victim was just 8 years old when he and another boy were hit by a car in July 1965. The other boy sustained only minor injuries. However, the man who died this week suffered broken legs and massive head injuries. According to a deputy coroner, he "required a lifetime of treatment and basically he was paralyzed" by the crash, which occurred in Allentown.

Can I still sue if I was injured in a ride-sharing vehicle?

In case you haven't heard by now, ride-sharing services are giving traditional taxicab companies a run for their money. High-tech firms like Uber and Lyft provide customers with similar point-to-point transportation services at a substantially reduced price. In fact, Lyft says that its services costs as much as 30 percent less than traditional taxicab fares.

The problem that originates after an accident involving one of these vehicles is at the heart of how ride-sharing works in general. Typically, drivers for these services are considered independent contractors who work indirectly for their parent companies. These drivers operate their own vehicles and use proprietary software apps -- usually via their smart phones -- to put them in touch with potential customers. Those customers are also linked to the parent company through that same software program.

County fair attempts to limit dangerous property accidents

Safety officials working for the Fayette County Fair are attempting to limit accidents and other medical emergencies at the popular summer venue. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges to public safety at the fair is the summer heat. Excessive heat can cause health problems for visitors unaccustomed to spending long periods of time in the sun.

Higher temperatures can also accelerate food spoilage. Each year, inspectors with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services travel to the fair prior to its opening day. Once on scene, a handful of safety inspectors check out food vending trailers and other outlets preparing consumable goods for fairgoers. Last year, the inspectors found 16 food safety violations among the fair's food vendors.

Motorcycle fatalities and wrongful death claims

If you speak to motorcycle enthusiasts about why they love to ride the conversation will likely turn to the concept of freedom. Freedom from the feeling of being enclosed within the confines of a vehicle, and freedom to enjoy the open air as they travel along the road.

Unfortunately, it is that exposure and lack of protection that is also one of the main reasons why motorcycle accidents are often more deadly than other modes of transportation. In fact, in a previous article on our website we revealed how statistics taken in 2011 indicate that the number of victims killed in motorcycle accidents was 30 times higher than accidents involving cars.

Can I sue a bar for contributing to my drunk driving accident?

One of the worst aspects about drinking and driving accidents is that they are completely preventable. When people take the step to consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel, they are making a purposeful choice. Pennsylvania law is clear that any driver with a blood alcohol concentration beyond 0.08 is considered legally impaired and not permitted to drive.

One of the problems with the so-called "legal limit" for alcohol is that sometimes it can become difficult for bar owners, restaurant staff or other individuals who serve alcoholic beverages to know when a patron is beyond the legal BAC. The reason why that is important is because Pennsylvania recognizes the Dram Shop Act. These laws make it illegal for bartenders, servers and other alcohol licensees to sell beverage alcohol to minors and to customers who are visibly intoxicated.

Freak accident injures 1 after truck crashes into home

On the morning of July 22, officials in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, reported a rather odd accident involving a commercial tractor-trailer and a house. According to Pennsylvania State Police and members of the Franklin County Emergency Services, a semi-truck traveling near the Foot of the Mountain restaurant somehow lost control and ended up crashing into a home in the 14500 block of Buchanan Trail West.

At least one person received a minor injury in the 7:35 a.m. crash, prompting officials to speculate that the roadway would be temporarily closed for several hours.

Securing your future after your auto-pedestrian accident

There's something remarkably egalitarian about walking. That is probably because at some point each day every one of us will become a pedestrian. This holds true whether you are the chief executive officer of a Fortune 500 company or a humble operator of a home business. At some point, each of us will leave the safety of our homes and vehicles and begin relying on traffic signals, crosswalks and the attentiveness of motorists to keep us out of harm's way.

Unfortunately, many operators of trucks, cars and SUVs have difficulty remaining vigilant about spotting pedestrian travel. This is especially true in locations such as parking lots, underground garages and even in drive-through lanes at fast food restaurants.

Can I get pain and suffering damages for my car accident?

Pennsylvania laws regarding motor vehicle insurance are like making a deal with the devil. The decisions you make when buying car insurance could have lasting repercussions for the rest of your life. Basically, consumers face two choices when purchasing car insurance: full tort insurance and limited tort insurance. Tort is a fancy legal term that refers to a wrongful or negligent act. Essentially, when motorists choose to purchase full tort car insurance they are also buying the right to sue for additional damages if they are injured in a car accident. Alternatively, motorists purchasing limited tort car insurance are barred from suing wrongful or negligent parties for their pain and suffering.

This can be important to you for several reasons, but especially if you have experienced additional adverse effects after your car accident. A good example of this might be the humiliation or embarrassment you may feel as a result of a limb that required amputation after your accident. Or perhaps the burns and scarring you suffered from your car accident has caused you to stay at home all of the time, frozen with anxiety about going out in public.

Can substandard housing give rise to premises liability claims?

Premises liability is a field of legal practice that encompasses the duties that landowners have to whomever sets foot on their properties. Basically, landowners must exercise reasonable care to ensure that their properties are free of potential hazards to visitors, customers, tenants, people soliciting goods and services, vendors and even trespassers. It is generally understood that the relationships between landowners and the people coming onto their properties directly affects the amount of care they should be liable for in situations involving injury accidents.

For example, the owner of a car dealership would likely owe a higher level of duty to prevent customers from slipping and falling on an oil puddle than they would owe to trespassers attempting to steal vehicles. The three basic tenants that every property owner should remember about premises liability are: inspect, correct and warn. Put simply, landowners should actively seek out potential hazards and either remove them from their properties or warn visitors about those potential dangers.

How boating laws can affect your wrongful death lawsuit

Getting out on the water is a popular pastime throughout Pennsylvania. There's just something enjoyable about being outdoors and near the water on a sunny day. This is true regardless of whether you like to fish, dive, jet-ski, wakeboard or participate in any other water-related activities.

Unfortunately, some of the people who share the waterways throughout the Commonwealth do not exercise reasonable care with regard to boating safety and how their vehicles might affect others. The following are some of the more important regulations regarding boating safety in Pennsylvania:

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