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Taxi accident victims may need legal assistance to find a remedy

Taxi accidents occur all over America, and Bucks County is no exception. People use taxis because they are a convenient one-phone-call solution to their transportation needs. With this in mind, taxi companies offer residents a valuable service while also providing employment opportunities for many individuals.

It is probably safe to assume that most taxi drivers are responsible, cautious individuals, but this does not automatically guarantee an accident-free ride. Like other commercial vehicle accident victims, those who have been injured in a taxi accident may face many complications when seeking compensation. For example, who is the responsible party -- the driver of the cab or the taxi company? What happens if the driver of another car is actually the person who caused the accident? What if the manufacturer of the taxi cab is the true responsible party?

How a civil suit can help drunk driving accident victims

Often, victims of drunk driving accidents in Pennsylvania experience mental and emotional trauma as well as physical injuries. Many victims do not expect these additional hardships and may be blindsided by their symptoms. Some of these unexpected psychological effects include mental health problems, severe depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, symptoms.

If the drunk driver responsible for the accident has been arrested, he or she will likely face criminal charges, but this may not be enough to help victims find closure. Our Bucks County-based law firm has dealt with many drunk driving accident victims and have seen how pursuing civil action against the responsible party has helped them cope. Below are just a few of the ways taking legal action independently of the criminal charges against the driver has helped our clients move forward.

Does reflective gear really work to prevent pedestrian accidents?

In the struggling economic environment of today, many Pennsylvania residents choose to walk or bike to their destinations. While most of these activities occur during the day, more and more pedestrians are taking the road at night as well. Walking is cost-effective, of course, but it is also good for your overall health. However, there are dangers inherent to walking at night and one of these is poor visibility.

There have been many studies aimed at identifying visibility factors for nighttime drivers. The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, published an abstract of one such study in its Journal of Vision. The study tested the how drivers see pedestrians at night and involved several factors such as driver age, distance from pedestrians and the clothing configuration of the pedestrians. The ability of drivers to detect pedestrians was significantly improved when the pedestrians were wearing reflective clothing.

More about fostering a good attorney and client partnership

Recently in our personal injury blog, we talked about the importance of building a good attorney/client relationship in truck and car accident cases. Much of that blog post discussed the client's role in fostering this partnership but we want you to know that attorneys play a valuable role as well. In other words, it is not your responsibility alone to cultivate a compatible working relationship with your attorney. As partners, we share the responsibility, which is beneficial to you and to your lawyer.

Attorneys are driven individuals who aspire to reach their goals while providing their clients with excellent representation. Unfortunately, being so driven can have its disadvantages. For example, lawyers like to become as well-prepared as possible for the legal side of any case and may forget to ensure their relationship with the client stays mutually beneficial and on track. Good lawyers correct these issues repeatedly by reminding ourselves that we are working for you, the client.

Young man jailed for crash that claims 3 lives

The lone survivor of a tragic crash that cost three passengers their lives has been jailed on charges of vehicular homicide, among others.

Although he is alive, the young man is not in good condition. He appeared in court to face charges with visible burn wounds on his face gauze covering much of his head, as well as wearing a neck brace and using a walker to move about. At the time he was unrepresented, and was instructed to fill out the proper paperwork to be assigned a public defender. The youg man commented that he had been trying to obtain a lawyer to represent him, but that the process had all happened very fast, and he had been unable to find representation. In addition to the vehicular homicide charges, the driver is facing charges of firearm possession, marijuana possession, DUI, and accident involving death without a proper license. His bail has been set at $250,000.

What are some good tips for sharing roads with motorcycles?

Hopefully, you are asking this because you are a concerned Pennsylvania driver who does not want to place motorcyclists in danger. Whatever your reason, it is an excellent question and one that every motorist should be thinking about.

As people are going about the business of the day, it is all too easy to overlook motorcycles. They are smaller than cars, they are often unobtrusive and they can slip into blind spots virtually unseen. Whether you're traveling to and from work or are simply out for a leisurely drive, road safety is everyone's responsibility. Below are a few valuable tips to keep you and other motorists safe.

The attorney and client partnership in truck accident cases

Common sense will tell you that every person who takes to the road is at some risk of having a motor vehicle accident. However, there are the fender-benders we are all accustomed to and then there are crashes that result in serious injury or loss of life. Those who face off against large commercial vehicles typically lose the fight, and the consequences are often very severe.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident in Pennsylvania, you already know these things. Maybe you have even decided to take legal action against the driver and/or company that owns the truck. What you might not know is how important it is for you and your attorney to contribute equally in building an effective partnership.

Actions you should never take behind the wheel

Driving is something people do so often that they frequently forget just how serious it is. For many people, it's the single most dangerous thing they do every day. Not many other daily activities lead to such high levels of injury and even death.

As such, Esurance has been trying to raise awareness by releasing a list of things that drivers should never do on the road. It all starts with never using your cellphone. They actually recommend putting it in "Do Not Disturb" mode so that you don't get calls or texts.

The wrongful death of a 'viable' fetus

There is precedent in Pennsylvania for a lawsuit revolving around a stillborn fetus, as the unborn child's death was said to be caused by a car accident. The case in question was Gullborg v. Rizzo. It established a precedent within the state for how wrongful death cases after car accidents can proceed.

However, other cases have not always followed the precedent. In one case, a doctor was operating on a woman who was pregnant, and the child passed away. The family tried to sue under the same precedent and lost, as the case was said to be different. This shows just how tricky the laws can be when looking at unborn children.

Drunk driving linked to reduction in neurotransmitter function

Have you ever found yourself wondering why drunk driving doesn't go away on its own? Everyone knows what a problem it is, everyone knows that it is illegal and yet it still happens. Across the country, someone is killed in a crash that is related to alcohol every 53 minutes. Surely any rationally-thinking person would know that drunk driving is too dangerous to participate in.

But this isn't how people think, the stats show. Some estimates have said that one out of each 2,000 trips down the road in the United States involves a drunk driver. That may sound like a small amount, but you can pass hundreds of cars on a 10-minute drive to the mall, so you can see how common this danger really is.

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